Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cupcake craze

So I have been very into making cupcakes lately and luckily I have had a few requests for them including a request to make Chocolate Raspberry with a Raspberry Buttercream and a Strawberry with a Strawberry Cream Cheese frosting.

 I garnished the Chocolate Raspberry ones with a Chocolate Hershey kiss and a Raspberry. The Strawberry cupcakes were topped off with a strawberry slice (I tried to make them in the shape of a heart but it didn't work out well so I settled for a slice just popping out of the top). I had a few extra and those that had them absolutely loved them, I thought they were super pretty to look at and had a hard time eating them, once I got over that (and the fear of becoming 700 lbs) I loved them and I don't even like chocolate with fruit in it! Super yummy! Here are some shots of them (pardon the not as good quality pictures :) ) Bon Appetit!